/ Electronic project based BETWEEN Berlin and Paris /

V.I.R.US is based in Germany near Berlin and the track WORLD WAR 3.2.1 was recorded near Paris. This is the first single of the duet and the first on the belgian label Hot Puma Records to be released worldwide. A very international release for a very international matter... The beginning of a New thing, of a New stuff, unpredictable just the way life is... Written during this pandemic winter, V.I.R.US wanted it very raw, instinctive, no talks, no words, just the music they felt at the time. Like something coming from above, stronger than us, stronger than everything. A period of time we sure all want to forget became the most artistic one... With WORLD WAR 3.2.1 we all count now for our own ignition... (Berlin january 2021)

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